Animae Iconography Decorative Panels

Cliff schonewill front
Cliff schonewill animae angled
Cliff schonewill quartering
Cliff schonewill animae panels turn2
Cliff schonewill animaepanels zb front

In Zbrush

Cliff schonewill animaepanels zb quartering

In Zbrush

Cliff schonewill animae panels carvings

Smaller Carving Elements

This is one of the first things I made for Revival - a set of antiquated and worn wooden decorative panels topped with a depiction of Animae - Elder god linked to life and death. This particular decoration pulls themes from the life side of her duality with motifs of plant and animal life, and Animae herself in a sort of restful focused pleasure as if in the act of creating life.