Tyr's Vault - Railing

Best viewed full screen set to full 1080.

I wanted to do something a bit unique with the railing at the mezzanine level of Tyr's Vault, and ended up designing and making these. I wanted something that provided ample negative space, wasn't overly repetitive, and was a chance to further the idea of the extreme craftsmanship used throughout Tyr's Temple, utilizing the prevalent gold and adding Ivory as a unique splash of white. I made it such that it is only one dragon that looks a bit different on either side because of how it twists, so that when mirrored and flipped it looks like two unique ones. On either side they hold a decorative spear post, as the spear is a nod to Tyr. The base triangular post is also a subtle nod to the shape of the Tyr rune, and contains a thick blue glass that catches and emanates the light from the central puzzle element. I also made it such that when used at the spacing needed for two projecting platforms from the mezzanine their tails would intertwine. I'm pleased with how they turned out.