Cliff schonewill victoryfrontcu
Cliff schonewill victory top2
Cliff schonewill vicotryquart1
Cliff schonewill victory front2
Cliff schonewill victory back
Cliff schonewill victory top3
Cliff schonewill zbrushfront
Cliff schonewill zbrush2
Cliff schonewill zbrush1
Cliff schonewill sword

Quick loose sword sculpt

This model was actually the very first thing I started for revival on the day I started after completing another project. With no information and the people to ask gone for a while I was told to make a winged statue for a graveyard. I didn't want to go with very standard imagery so I did a sketch and blocked this in then moved on to a few other block outs so I didn't spend too much time on something that might not fit. Ultimately without any information at the time, this doesn't really fit in revival so I finally went back to it well over a year later and just brought it to a closer to finished state.