Aegis Exterior

Some idle thruster animation doing little corrections and counter balances. Imagine rocket flame being output at variable intensities.

Originally a secondary vehicle was meant to dock with the Aegis here.

Originally a secondary vehicle was meant to dock with the Aegis here.

Previously Aegis Descent was a third person game. I produced this from concept done by Nick Black for the unique vehicle you pilot into the fray. There was a lot of considerations built into this, but it was never brought to full completion as the direction of the game shifted. Viewed here is the asset mostly but not fully completed. Any text/decals etc was stand-in but never got the chance to be replaced by a final version, the cockpit in these images is simply a proxy to gauge visibility. This piece is more complex than it looks! It has panels that open to fire salvos or missiles, top weapon animation systems, grenade launchers that pop up, panels that could be damaged and possibly fall off revealing some guts underneath, swappable weapons, unique and challenging locomotion, and other features.

Narratively it was produced in an alternate post WW2 history by frankenstein-ing some existing heavy military equipment together with custom pieces and experimental technology with lessons gleaned from the recently encountered advanced enemy presence. An energy source from alien foes was used to power and create a somewhat antigravity force while the thruster array works in conjunction to produce movement of the rest of the mass. Each thruster is quite large and articulates in an array that itself can spin, and there are auxiliary stabilizing thrusters on the rear side and potentially front to compensate for certain movements. Displayed in Toolbag, you'll just have to use your imagination for that part. Included are two weapons made for this - more were planned, but didn't happen before switching perspectives.

Idle animation by Javid Ali. Please look past the flickering artifacts that occur on lower poly objects when rendered with Raytracing.