Aegis Cockpit

Not much was seen of this, so it was put together quickly.

Not much was seen of this, so it was put together quickly.

The game shifted to be a first person cockpit POV so I made this, including a lot of work around figuring out a functioning Diegetic UI within the cockpit. There were many constraints to work around and plans that didn't end up fitting in scope but this was a fun new challenge to tackle. I collaborated with Michael Scala on this from a UI point of view.

While UI was still used, the Diegtic HUD was meant to ground it in the world and still function to provide all critical information at a glance or in your peripheral vision. In addition it was there to help carry the diesel punk mecha crossover narrative where some older and existing pieces were frankenstiened into a new vehicle. Balancing this and being able to display not just information but also state changes, warnings, activations, and other relevant information succinctly and largely without having to actually look down at it, while being within the project's unique flavor was fun to figure out.

There was also work not pictured here for status effects as well as a multi-staged glass break that was done by hand but ultimately not used for gameplay clarity. I textured this in Toolbag, so these images are from there and some things are stand-in for in engine setups.

Information that was represented in some form Diegetically through this:
- Heat amount
- Heat warning stages (3)
- Overheated
- Battery amount
- Battery full enough to use Disruptor (EMP)
- Battery low
- Battery Empty
- Radar for in world objects and enemies (this was setup by Dennis Price)
- Damage source direction indicators
- Three weapon slots; ammo counters - total available versus loaded (clip)
- Reload status/duration
- Hull chunks (unique health system)
- Auxiliary hull chunk bar present/not present and amount
- Boost status
- Event meter total time elapsed
- Event meter pips for passed versus upcoming
- Shocked status