Loss - Coming to Terms

Love Lost - Revival Statue. Please set textures to HD.

Check out a browser based version.

This was actually a block out mesh I did over a year and a half ago that I finally got to return to and finish - it was the first thing I started making for Revival, though circumstances didn't allow me to work on it until now. At the time I was making something for a graveyard, so I created this statue of a grieving woman, in between great sorrow and beginning to come to terms with the loss of a loved one - her hand had been extended out as if reaching for someone being buried, but at the point of the statue is beginning to fall back to rest as the finality sinks in. It was tricky, but I thought it would be good to challenge myself to not just go with the more plain and exaggerated emotion of straight sadness and crying - her face is at a place of still weeping, but beginning to hold it in - a transition time that is more interesting.