Nodence Fountain Statue

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Nodence Fountain Statue - Revival. Please set textures to HD.

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In substance painter, without base/pool or effects.

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Cliff schonewill nodencefountain turnaround
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In UE4

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In UE4

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In UE4

As a center piece hero asset for one of the estate layouts I have done for Revival ( I made a depiction of the god Nodence. As a deity, he is tied in with many different associations and concepts - I chose to focus on his association with elemental forces and hunting for this piece. I decided to make him be quite neutral in pose and let some dynamics come from the fact that I wanted him to be a functional fountain. His face is meant to come across as mysterious as well - is he benevolent or malevolent? Interested or detached? Under each hand is a hollowed bronze cloud from which water pours as rain drops through many small holes into the pool below. His robe is meant to look slightly billowed by air rising from the water below, and atop his hooded head, sculpted to evoke the shapes of fire, sits an oil well kept lit. On his back he carries a magnificent bow with arrows strapped to it. Overall, it is a relic of the past transplanted into a grand hall to increase its grandeur, but not all of the time could be washed away from it.