Crypt Keeper Statue

The Crypt Keeper - Statue for Revival. Set textures to HD!

Cliff schonewill highresscreenshot00028
Cliff schonewill cryptkeeperturnlarge
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Cliff schonewill feathers

Custom feather sheet - sculpted in Zbrush.

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Cliff schonewill highresscreenshot00007
Cliff schonewill highresscreenshot00008
Cliff schonewill highresscreenshot00003
Cliff schonewill highresscreenshot00004
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Cliff schonewill highresscreenshot00032
Cliff schonewill highresscreenshot00029

*Large images, expand and magnifying glass if you wish* I made this statue for a crypt room in Revival housing ( I wanted to approach it differently though, and essentially made a fully fleshed out posed and dressed character/mannequin, which required an interesting workflow. I wanted to evoke the reaper concept we are all familiar with but not do the same thing and flavor it to the deity of life and death in the world of Revival. I did make a scythe for her, but at the other end is a hoe to represent sowing and reaping at either end of one object. In addition to standing on a pedestal held up by coffins at the center of which stands an hourglass with most of its sand spent, she has chains of somewhat abstract clocks with the hands at different times - alluding to the fact that everything's time is in her hands.

Meant to be a mixture of things simultaneously: aloof, passive, active, inviting, foreboding, mysterious, familiar.