Inheritance - Thesis Animation (2010-11)

Cliff schonewill inheritance poster widecropped


Cliff schonewill inheritance schonewill hires010

Absorbing Alurbaz into the cobalt soul

Inheritance - Ringling 2011 Senior Thesis

Cliff schonewill royalguard turn

Royal Guard

Cliff schonewill royalguard turn topo
Cliff schonewill veronitepolearm
Cliff schonewill veroniteshield

Veronite Shield

Man this looks so old and crummy to me now! I made every aspect of this short as my senior Animation and choose to make it more of a teaser than a story. I was teaching myself how to do art for games, so even though this is all rendered it is only normal mapped geometry and nothing fancy. Since I did something overly ambitious and was more interested in the modeling, the animation suffered, but was not my focus. This is quite dated now but took a lot of work so I'd like to share it on Art Station as well.