Arkham Origins: Blackgate - Black Mask Thugs (3DS/Vita)

I got to make all of the character art work for BAO: Blackgate. As most of the main characters were sourced from other games and baked down to far simpler meshes and textures, I'll show instead the 18 thugs I created 100% to populate the dungeon for the game. These were very low poly characters (no eyes, mitt hands, etc. - about 2k to 3.5k triangles) that all had to share a single bare-bones rig and had to be made start to finish in only a few days each. Minions loyal to Joker, Penguin, and Black Mask used what was on hand in the prison island of Blackgate to show their affiliation. Each gang had to have a flavor for a certain type of combatant.

In addition to all the principal characters as well, I also made a number of other things for this project: weapons, Batman's Gadgets, Joker's gas mask for his boss fight, various critters and other things. Unfortunately I don't have images to show of these.