GOW Ragnarok - Thor Fight

*I did not produce the final environment art work for these fight arenas (which were done by Steve Mortenson, whom I thank for the use of his images which I've added to with screenshots). I was responsible early on for working with combat; choosing locations, figuring out and blocking in logistics for the fight from an environmental standpoint. Things kick off in Kratos' house which was largely how I left it from 2018, then takes place in a few areas around Tyr's temple. I had involvement in some of those re-used areas, but the Ragnarok pass was done by others since I moved to a different studio. The crater changed for the better, both in how it happened and in final form from my early pass at it - but otherwise the fight remained about as worked out before I left. It was a treat to experience it at last in the final game and I was pleased to have been a part of it. Shout out to all those who worked on making it happen!